Meet the Feisty Stars of Judge Judy's 'Hot Bench'


Judge Judy explains Hot Bench.

Judge Judy Sheindlin's new legal show, Hot Bench, features a panel of three judges and she explained to ET's Brooke Anderson just how she picked them.

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After so many years on the bench, Judge Judy has learned to rely on her instincts, which seemed to have served her well when it came to deciding on this new cast.

"What makes them the right people? Because I said they were the right people!" Judge Judy joked with Brooke.

At least one of the judges ET can vouch for. Tanya Acker has worked on Supreme Court cases and we've relied on her expertise many times.

"This is the most interesting thing I've ever done," said Judge Tanya.

Patricia DiMango hails from Brooklyn and earned her stripes as a former New York State Supreme Court Justice. Then there's Larry Bakman, who has tried more than 500 federal and state criminal cases. As the only man on the bench, Larry could find himself being outvoted more times than not.

"Tonya and I are very good at letting him think that he's the one, and then we just make the decisions as we feel that they should be made," said Judge Patricia.

Hot Bench debuts September 15 in syndication.