The Many Faces of Tyra Banks


If there's anyone who knows how to pose... it's Tyra Banks!

If there’s anyone who knows how to pose… it’s Tyra Banks!

The America’s Next Top Model  host and creator shared a few tips with Entertainment Tonight’s Rob Marciano and Brooke Anderson before Monday’s Emmys about how to pose on the red carpet like a pro!

But before you learn all the lingo -- from the fantasy head roll to the pooching tooch and the smirk – in our video above, we’ve compiled a list of a few of our favorite faces Tyra Banks has made over the years.

The one that says, ‘I’m professional, but also don’t know where I am.’

tyra banks animated GIF

This one made us need to practice the hair flip in the mirror because it doesn’t always look as hot as we thought it did.

hair flip animated GIF

Terror. Sheer, utter, and complete terror. 

scared animated GIF

So ferocious.

fierce animated GIF

Can’t even imagine what’s happening here.

tyra banks animated GIF


tyra banks animated GIF

There’s a level of extreme happiness. And then there’s this.

tyra banks animated GIF

This is how you show that you’re extremely befuddled.

original animated GIF

THIS is how sexy is supposed to look.

tyra banks animated GIF

You can check out Tyra and the rest of the model hopefuls on Friday nights for cycle 21 of America’s Next Top Model.