2014 Emmys: The Best and Worst Moments of the Night!

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It's time for the good, the bad, and the Emmys!

Each and every year, the Primetime Emmys give us jaw-dropping surprises, eye-rolling jokes, and cringe-worth moments. To help you weed through the 66th Annual Emmys, we gathered up the best and the worst parts of Monday's live broadcast and packed them into one stylish post. You're welcome.

Read on for a recap of the night's highs, lows and what-the-hells?!

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Best | Bryan Cranston and Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Sexy Smooch:
Early in the night, the dynamic duo presented an award together and Julia Louis-Dreyfus joked that Bryan Cranston looked like exactly like a guy who once guest starred on an episode of Seinfeld way back when. However, when Bryan revealed that it was indeed him who made out with Elaine on the series, Julia failed to remember his smooches. So when Julia won the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, the Breaking Bad star stopped her on her way to the stage to give her a serious tongue-lashing—aka a big sloppy make-out sesh! It was by far one of the most memorable moments of the night.

Worst | It's Like We Were Watching Last Year's Emmys:
Even though we think Aaron Paul, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Bryan Cranston truly deserved their Emmy wins this year, we can't help but think that we were re-watching last year's broadcast by accident. Watching Jim Parsons, Ty Burrell, and Modern Family accepting their awards made us wish the Television Academy would dare to switch things up just a bit. (There are other brilliant shows and actors out there, people!)

Best | Emmys Edition of Billy on the Street:
We are already obsessed with Billy Eichner's hilarious Fuse gameshow, Billy on the Street, so when you add in Seth Meyers and multiple Emmy-themed questions for the fan-favorite segment, "For a Dollar", it's a recipe for success. Check out the hysterical clip above to see for yourself!

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Best | Jimmy Kimmel's Matthew McConaughey Roast: Jimmy Kimmel
said what we all were thinking while watching tonight's Emmys: Why the heck is Matthew McConaughey here?! True he was brilliant in HBO's True Detective, but he's an Oscar award-winning actor slumming it with the small screen people. Kimmel joked, "Matthew McConaughey doesn't even own television, I happen to know he traded his television for a conch shell full of weed."

Worst | Steven Colbert and His Imaginary Friend:
We love you Steven, but did you really think that two straight minutes of jokes about your "overlooked" imaginary friend Roscoe was the best use of your time? You're about to be the new host of CBS' iconic late night series The Late Show, and instead of giving people a sneak peek of what they can expect from the new era, your jokes about your invisible friend dead-panned in front of the entire country.

Best | Emmys Q & A:
If there's one thing we love, it's seeing A-list actors act like the idiots we secretly hope they are. So watching a befuddled Jon Hamm, Melissa McCarthy, Fred Armisen and more participate in a Seth Meyer's Emmys Q&A and ask obvious questions like "When do the Emmys air?" was pretty damn great. Plus, watching Melissa blame a clearly out-of-the-loop Eddie Falco for telling her she could park her car on the curb was straight-up fantastic.

Best | Robin William's Memorial Tribute:
Although we could barely watch because our eyes were bursting with tears, Billy Crystal's heartfelt tribute to his dearly departed friend, Robin Williams, was incredibly touching. When Billy compared Robin's bright energy to that of an actual star, we lost it.

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Worst | Weird Al Yankovic's Theme Song Parody:
Seriously, Weird Al? It's bad enough that you were invited to the Emmys, so did you really have to try and add your own lyrics to the Scandal theme song? It's obvious that you'd never seen a single episode and Olivia Pope would not approve!

Best | Weird Al Yankovic's Theme Song Parody:
Okay, yes, it's true that we just complained about how horrible it was when Weird Al took over the Emmys stage with his obnoxious parodies, but we have to admit one thing: His final bit on Game of Thrones was pretty great. The fact that he gave George R. R. Martin a typewriter in the middle of the song and told him to get to writing was enough to make any Game of Thrones fans stand up and applaud.

What did you think were the best and worst parts of The Emmys?! Sound off in the comments below, or shout our your thoughts on Twitter using #ETemmys.

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