Inside Aaron Paul's Awesome 'Breaking Bad' Scavenger Hunt

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Breaking Bad
fans got out their shovels and secret coordinates for Aaron Paul's Emmy Monday scavenger hunt around Hollywood, Calif.

Though participants didn't actually hit the New Mexico desert, Paul did make the game super exciting for any fan of the Emmy-nominated AMC series, with celebrity appearances and Breaking Bad-esque clues and locations.

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He did, however, call out two super fans for cheating. The actor Instagrammed: "These girls were caught cheating by camping outside my place. Sorry ladies. No win for you."

Here's a complete guide to all of Paul's scavenger hunt clues and messages today.

"Surprise! Scavenger hunt starts now!!! Good luck everyone and drive safe. Use the hashtag ImissyouMrWhite so we can all see the winners of today's hunt! #YeahB**ch."

2. "U guys were fast!"

"Champagne Breakfast! #Emmys."

Jesse and Walt Dolls

Badger in the building!

Krazy 8 in the sandwich section!

Car wash clue!

Find Jesse Pinkman!

"And that's a wrap!!! #Emmys #BreakingBad"

10. BONUS!

It only seems appropriate this Bad scavenger hunt be held on Emmys Monday, seeing as the AMC show is such a fixture at the event. Breaking Bad has nabbed a total of 49 nominations, with 11 wins so far. Paul has won twice for playing junkie Jesse Pinkman, and could win again tonight, Aug. 25. Total, the show has six Emmy nominations this year, including one for Outstanding Drama Series.