'Pretty Little Liars' Marlene King Spills on A's 'Perfect' Motives and Mona's Holiday Haunting!


Mona will rise from the grave just in time to haunt our favorite Rosewood residents in the highly anticipated Christmas special!

'Tis the season to be haunted…

In the aftermath of Tuesday's mind-blowing summer final, fans of Pretty Little Liars are desperately waiting to deck the halls so we can be reunited with our five favorite PLL's. Hmm… or should we say six?

That's right, Rosewood fans! Just because Mona was brutally murdered in her own house, that doesn't mean that we've seen the last of our stylish yet manipulative genius.

Star Janel Parrish recently spilled to ETonline that Mona will still be a major part of the ABC Family drama in flashback form. And to make the upcoming holiday season even more wonderful, Mona will rise from the grave just in time to haunt our favorite Rosewood residents in the highly anticipated Christmas special.

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So what can we expect from our dearly departed Mona in the series' first ever Christmas-themed episode?

"I get to be the ghost of Christmas past, present, and future," Parrish dished. "And I have to say, the costume and the hair and make-up is going to be unbelievable. It might as well be a Halloween episode because my costume is amazing." Oooh, we already have the chills!

In addition to Mona's return, PLL's executive producer Marlene King teased to ET that fans will once again be treated to a post-death time-jump. "The summer finale begins and ends on Thanksgiving," King said, "So there is basically a one month time jump to Christmas."

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The entire PLL fandom collectively screamed when "A" -- dressed in their signature black hoodie -- broke into Mona's home and brutally killed our original text-message tormentor. And now we're discovering that this new "A", (or as Marlene like to call them, "Big A") has some truly twisted motives for harassing the liars.

"Honestly, what I love about Big A is their reasons for being A," the showrunner gushed to us last week. "The motives to do what Big A has been doing are so perfect for all of the shenanigans this character has pulled off. I'm just really, really excited to reveal that to fans when we expose A's identity. I love big A's motives and motivation even more than who Big A is."

Be warned: These are not the same schoolgirl frustrations and games that fueled Mona -- there is some serious hate in Big A's heart! Luckily, we might not have to wait much longer to discover what A's true motives are…

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"You might find out the why before the who," King teased of the series' two biggest mysteries.

And if you noticed that season's summer episodes have been much more intense than usual—you are definitely correct! "This is really the season where we flip-flopped our cycles," the EP spilled.

"Usually the summer season is more about the romance, and lays the ground work for the story that we pay off on the flip-side, but we essentially made the decision to change that kind of formula," she continued. "We did this so we could be fresh, and fun, and ride the mystery train in the summer cycle and that will leave more room for fun and romance and a little bit lighter story this winter."

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However, don't expect the liars to be frolicking in the snow and drinking hot chocolate—this is still Rosewood after all! And the Christmas episode is definitely going to embrace the darker elements.

"It's going to be fun and creepy!" Parrish exclaimed. "Even though it's a Christmas special, and kind of like a fantasy episode, there are still a lot of answers to current questions on the show."

Take a look at our video above for even more Pretty Little Liars scoop on Mona's grave return and exclusive insight from Marlene King on how her death will affect the series!