Jill Dillard Reveals Whether Her Kids will Have Initial Names


Jill Dillard is one of 19 kids with a name starting with "J" -- will she and hubby Derick use the same tradition?

Reality TV star Jill (Duggar) Dillard is one of 19 kids with a name starting with "J," and her brother Josh has three kids with "M" names – so will she and hubby Derick use the same tradition for their kids?

Jill, 23, who is expecting her first child, told ETonline that no, they are not planning to follow the initial tradition. They are considering other traditions, like possibly naming their children after family members. When it comes to whether they’re expecting a boy or a girl, it’s too early to tell, and Jill says she’s not leaning either way and they will be happy with either.

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She also revealed that she's been craving sour things – to the point that she ate a giant jar of jalapenos a couple weeks after she found out she was pregnant! Since Jill has trained as a midwife, she's been taking extra care to be sure she's eating every few hours and getting enough protein. Though she does admit that her guilty pleasure right now is iced fudge bars – perfect for a summer early pregnancy! Jill even revealed her due date to ET – she is expecting a spring baby, due March 24.

When it comes to married life, Jill is adjusting well and says she loves spending time with her hubby Derick, 25. In keeping with their family’s tradition, the pair courted with the intention of marriage rather than dating. They also saved their first kiss for their wedding day.

The couple, who were married just two months ago on June 21, now live about 30 minutes away from her family and get to see them once or twice a week. And in terms of Jill’s midwife career, she says she plans to continue her training once she’s over her morning sickness. And of course, being pregnant herself is a great way to learn!

Jill's sister Jessa recently announced her engagement to Ben Seewald, and Jill teases that the wedding is coming up soon, but didn't reveal the exact date. When it comes to which of her siblings might marry next after Jessa, Jill says she was just talking about that with her brothers and sisters. She thinks twins Jana and John, 24, are probably most likely to court and marry next.

You can see Jill and Derick's road to marriage – and their massive wedding with almost 2,000 guests -- in the new season of 19 Kids and Counting, set to premiere Tuesday, September 2 at 9/8c on TLC. Watch the video above for everything you need to know about their pregnancy reveal.