Scott Bakula 'Leaps' into 'NCIS: New Orleans'


Scott Bakula is making a "leap" back on to the small screen in the latest NCIS spin off, NCIS: New Orleans, and ET was on the set.

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"People are excited about the world that we're going into," said veteran actor Bakula (Quantum Leap and Star Trek: Enterprise). "We have to keep a certain standard in terms of what the audience expects from an hour of NCIS."

NCIS' leading man, Mark Harmon, has been somewhat of a mentor to Bakula, welcoming him into the NCIS family.

"He's been very available to talk and to kind of usher us in," said Bakula.

The new CBS series is fictionalizing trouble in the Big Easy and shooting the show has presented its own set of troubles for the cast and crew.

"Because of the heat we've had some people going down," said Bakula. "It's 17-hour days in the sun and in the swamp."

Watch the video for more. NCIS: New Orleans premieres September 23 on CBS.