Brandon Jay McLaren Talks Shocking 'Graceland' Finale, Nostalgia and More!


Graceland fans prepare to be shocked by the season finale!

Inspired by a true story, the show follows the drama of an eclectic group of undercover agents forced to live together in a home called "Graceland," including a hot-tempered U.S. Customs agent named Dale Jakes, played by Brandon Jay McLaren.

We caught up with Brandon to talk details on tonight's highly anticipated season finale that promises to "blow you away" – So we had to ask, what the heck is going to happen?

"It's shocking. If [the cast is] this shocked the fans are going to be shocked -- It's very unexpected," he told ET.

Sounds like bad news for someone tonight.

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We've seen Jakes (McLaren) hit rock bottom this season – From struggling with alcohol, parental rights over his son, and a few arrests under his belt...ouch! Are we going to see him come out on top?

Brandon tells us, "By the end of the season, [Jakes] needs the house more than anybody because he doesn't have anything else, so he actually sort of becomes the pillar in the house that kind of keeps everybody together."

We can't wait to see what's going to pop off tonight – Check out the Graceland finale tonight on USA at 10/9c.

Of course -- we couldn't let Brandon leave without asking about one of his former roles. Here's a bit of nostalgia for you – He was once the Red Ranger of Power Rangers S.P.D.!

We bring it up, of course, because we're ecstatic the original franchise is getting a reboot complete with a full-length feature film. But how does the former Red Ranger feel about the franchise living on?

"You know, there's something about it. Power Rangers will not die, and when something in pop culture hits so hard and is able to last for so long, it's really cool to just be a part of it."

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It's pretty awesome that Brandon's still owning his Red Ranger roots – He even attended Power Morphicon a few weeks ago in California!

But that's not the only thing you know him from… Remember She's The Man starring Amanda Bynes?

Yep – That's him! But is it Brandon's favorite Amanda Bynes movie? We talk about this and more in the video above, check it out!