Behind the Scenes of 'Red Band Society'


ET went behind the scenes of one of the most buzzed about new shows of the fall TV season -- Red Band Society.

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"Thank you, ET, for making us the 'it' ensemble," said star Octavia Spencer.

The Oscar winner plays a no-nonsense nurse that helps sick kids, but doesn't coddle them.

The show also stars Dave Annable, who plays the papa bear to Octavia's mama bear, as the hospital's top pediatric surgeon. Could he be the next McSteamy?

"I gotta fill out the scrubs a little more," said Annable. "Now I'm a medium. Eric Dane looked like he was a triple X."

While the subject matter is dark, the show manages to find humor to occasionally lighten the mood.

Watch the video for a sneak peek. Red Band Society premieres on Fox next Wednesday.