Gilmore Girls is Coming to Netflix-Why You Should Binge-Watch This Show Immediately!

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Everyone, listen up!

After years of waiting, Gilmore Girls—aka the most quick-witted dramedy of the 2000's—is finally coming to Netflix on October 1!

We've desperately missed living vicariously through the fast-talking twosome, Lorelei and Rory Gilmore, and honestly we could not be more excited to reunite with them!

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We've looked for Gilmore Girls on Netflix many many times before…

Only to be left with extreme disappointment…

And rage.

We understand that some of you have never seen the glorious mother daughter duo that is the Gilmore Girls, and honestly we're beyond baffled.

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But now, we're jealous that you get to binge this unbelievably amazing series for the very first time. This is the showthat taught us the meaning of life!

And brought us some of the most swoon-worthy guys of all time...

Like Dean, the bag boy with the world's most perfect hair. (And hell yes, that's Supernatural's Jared Padalecki!)

Or how about Jess? The ultimate bad boy played by Hero's Milo Ventimiglia.

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The Good Wife
's Matt Czuchry played Logan, the rich boy with a wild streak.

And of course, there's Luke. You'll love Luke.

Unfortunately all of these men completely will completely ruin your lives by giving you ridiculously high expectations when it comes to romance. Like being proposed to with a thousand yellow daisies...

You'll discover that an addiction to coffee is not only completely normal, it's encouraged.

And that only in the gloriously quaint world of Gilmore Girls would a deer hit you, and not the other way around.

You'll get to witness the beginning of Melissa McCarthy's rise to comedic genius as Sookie St. James…

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And you'll be introduced to the one and only Emily Gilmore…

Don’t be frightened, you'll warm up to her unique charm.

So in conclusion, thank you Netflix!

Gilmore Girls
is not just a show about the most perfect mother/daughter relationship in the history of television…

It's a way of life.

Are you excited to binge-watch Gilmore Girls on Oct. 1?! Shout out your favorite Gilmore Girls moment of all-time in the comments below!

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