'Big Bang Theory' Star Kunal Nayyar Teaches Conan O'Brien Bollywood Dance Moves

Team Coco

Kunal Nayyar brought Bollywood to Hollywood on Thursday night's Conan.

The Big Bang Theory
star defended the singing and dancing that goes on in India's performances and even tried to recruit host Conan O'Brien. "You would be great in Bollywood because Bollywood loves white people," he tells Conan. "You've got the physique. You've got the hair."

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When asked why his hair would help him, Nayyar decided it was as good a time as any to teach Conan and his co-host Andy Richter some dance moves. Upon making what looked to be a squirt-gun hand gesture, the host got suspicious about how legit these Bollywood moves actually were.

"You're making it up!" he accused the CBS star before going into his trademark puppet dance.

Nayyar adds of the moves, "The head bobble is an amazing thing because you have no idea if someone is saying yes or no."

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Conan also looked surprised to find that he was "huge in India." Nayyar reveals, "They pronounce your name 'CO-Nan.'"

"I gotta go to India. Get me into a Bollywood musical," the host insists.

Would you like to see Conan in a Bollywood film?

Nayyar, 33, will probably hang back in the States as he's on one of the highest-paid shows on television. Here's the jaw-dropping paychecks of The Big Bang Theory cast: