Rosie O'Donnell Returns to 'The View' Sans Shoes


Rosie O'Donnell returned to 'The View' but left her shoes and her temper at home.

Rosie O'Donnell returned to The View but left her shoes and her temper at home.

On her best behavior, O'Donnell was quite chummy with her new co-hosts, and though no feuds erupted, there were a few tears. Veteran View host Whoopi Goldberg opened the show alongside O'Donnell and the newbies, actress Rosie Perez and political commentator Nicolle Wallace. Upon introducing Wallace as a Republican, O'Donnell was quick to chime in that she likes her.

The tears came when The View paid tribute to Joan Rivers and her time on the show. O'Donnell got a little choked up talking about the late comedian and her impact on the world and her personally.

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The ladies also took some time to remember Robin Williams, though Goldberg, one of Williams' good friends, didn't offer much to the conversation. Perhaps it's still too hard to talk about.

One segment that resembled O'Donnell's old talk show was when she and Perez played a trivia game called "Ro Or Ro." An audience member was given some facts and asked to guess which Rosie they were about. Are the koosh balls next?!

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But perhaps the biggest shocker that occurred on The View came in the first few seconds of seeing the ladies on the new set. There O'Donnell sat, cross-legged ...and bare footed. She explained that her sciatica was acting up which is why she wasn't wearing shoes, but she did manage to get a pedicure prior to coming on the show.

Another special moment also came at the top of the hour when Barbara Walters played the role of a queen and granted her blessing to the new co-hosts.

What do you think of the new View so far? Check out the ladies' official photo, below: