6 Celebs Who Were on Game Shows Before They Were Famous


From the fun, to the funny, to the outright embarrassing – check out these six stars who made great TV game show contestants before they were famous.

1. Before Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul made for an epic contestant on The Price is Right back in 2000…It's safe to say he had a GREAT time!

2. She went by Stefani then -- But this cute brunette on MTV’s Boiling Points is none other than Lady Gaga.

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3. Before singing and dancing his way into our hearts in *NSYNC, Joey Fatone was living the ‘90s dream as a contestant on Nick Arcade.

4. Kirstie Alley was introduced as an interior designer from Kansas when she played the panel game show Match Game back in 1979.

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger was the hunky eligible bachelor from Austria on The New Dating Game.

6. Jon Hamm was recently outed for his cringe-worthy performance (and fantastic hairstyle) on the '90s dating game show The Big Date. Unfortunately for Jon, his love for foot massages and "fabulosity" didn't win him the date. But hey, it’s Jon Hamm! He's doing just fine.

Check out the video above to see these celeb game show performances before they were famous!