'Dating Naked' Couple Preps for Wedding with Naked Yoga


We were with Dating Naked stars Alika Medeiros and Ashley Fonda as they prepared for their wedding.

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The couple only met two months ago on VH1's new series, but they cut straight to the point, doing away with pre-conceived notions (and clothes!) at first sight. They gave their wedding party a similar experience at the wedding rehearsal, where the ice breaker was naked yoga.

"I think that starting off the ceremony with yoga gets people into their bodies," said Ashley Fonda. "I think that it also kind of gets all that silliness out. We've seen each other in places we never knew we'd ever see each other in ... ever ... all of us, collectively. If you've seen everything, it's so much easier after that."

Participants had an extra push, partaking in some libations before the yoga session.

"We had a couple bottles of wine," one couple admitted.

Still, some guests just couldn't pull themselves together. Watch the video for more.