Is 'Stalker' TV's Most Dangerous New Show?


CBS' new series Stalker is tackling a very serious issue that has affected 1 in 6 American women, but some are concerned that the show will act as a how-to guide for potential stalkers. Is the show dangerous?

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"I hope not. You never want that," said star Dylan McDermott when asked if he thought the show could be used to instruct would-be stalkers. "This is entertainment. We're not trying to go out there and inform anybody on how to do this stuff."

Dylan plays a detective in the psychological thriller along with Maggie Q.

"They call it the scariest show on television and I think there's a reason for that," Dylan added.

In the premiere, airing October 1, a stalker burns a victim alive in her car.

Some of the storylines are ripped straight from the headlines and the actors have their own stories that they could share with the show's writers.

"When it came to me it was something that had to be stopped," said Maggie Q, sharing her own experience with stalkers. "It started to get very dangerous."

Kevin Williamson also had an experience with stalking, in which a stalker broke into his home. In taking a closer look, Stalker actually seems like it instructs viewers on how not to become a victim.

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