This Teacher Just Won $1 Million on 'Wheel of Fortune'


Watching horrible Wheel of Fortune contestants is the best. But this is fun too:

Sarah Manchester
from Silver Spring, Maryland, just won a million dollars on Wheel of Fortune. Which should come in handy since she’s math teacher and math coach at Takoma Park Middle School and teachers are generally grossly, grossly underpaid.

Sarah competed on the show as part of “Teacher’s Week” and became the third millionaire ever in the show’s history (after a contestant in 2008 and another in 2013). Here was her bonus puzzle:

If you can’t guess that, don’t deserve a milli. For starters.

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“I assessed that the probability was low, but even unlikely events sometimes happen!” Sarah told Pat Sajak when he asked if she calculated the probability of taking home the jackpot. “I’m just soaking in every minute of it!”

This was Sarah’s reaction:

In the end, she took home $1,017,500 and a trip to the Dominican Republic. Though she hasn’t decided how she’ll spend her winnings, she says the money wasn’t actually what motivated her.

"I wanted to get to the bonus round and win something because I wanted to give [my kids] that chance to run out and hug and everyone dance like you see on the show," Sarah told Good Morning America. “I was thinking, ‘It’d be great if they could all be on TV with me.'"

And they did:

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