Tea Leoni On What It Takes To Play 'Madam Secretary'


The shark filled political waters of Washington DC can be difficult to navigate, even for a career politician. So, when a college professor Elizabeth McCord (Tea Leoni) is suddenly appointed to the position of Secretary Of State by her old friend, the President Of the United States, she finds herself in the deep end of a treacherous pool.

Leoni and her whole cast of co-stars were on hand at the premiere of the new CBS series Madam Secretary, which was held in the heart of the city the drama showcases, Washington DC.

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Leoni, who stars as the former CIA-analyst-turned-professor-turned-Secretary of State, stopped to talk to ET about what she thinks might be the most important requirement for surviving in the political world.

"We have a very comedic cast," Leoni said. "And from what I've gleaned from being in D.C., I think [humor] is probably a necessary trait."

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"People in Washington get so fascinated by seeing entertainment about them," joked Tim Daly, who plays Leoni's husband on the show. "They get all worked up, and it’s fun to see them get nervous."

Check out the video for more from the cast of Madam Secretary, which premieres Sunday, September 21 at 8pm PT and 8:30pm ET on CBS.

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