Exclusive Clip: Did 'Angels' Save Woman from Plane Disaster?


Are there invisible angels that protect us as we go about our daily life? The star of TLC's new show Angels Among Us thinks so and ET has an exclusive clip.

Rosie Cepero says she can talk to guardian angels. In our exclusive clip, Rosie shocks a woman by accurately describing a plane disaster the woman survived.

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Denise was flying from Hawaii to New Zealand when a giant chunk of the exterior of the airplane ripped off – sucking passengers out of the fusillage. Denise recalled that she was supposed to sit in the area of the plane where the disaster happened, but was moved before the flight.

Rosie tells her that it was indeed angels that made the last-minute move. Watch the clip for the stunning reveal, and tune in to Angels Among Us on Sunday at 10 ET/PT on TLC.