You Can't Miss Season 2 of MTV's 'Faking it', and Here's Why...


MTV's breakout (and ground-breaking!) comedy Faking It returns tonight for their second season, and we're definitely not faking our excitement.

When we last saw our favorite Hester High students, fans were left with a panty-dropping cliffhanger: Amy (Rita Volk) slept with Liam (Gregg Sulkin)—aka her fake girlfriend's real boyfriend. Now things are about to get all kinds of complicated between our besties with breasties because Karma (Katie Stevens) is completely unaware of this double betrayal. Yikes!

To help get you even more excited for the return of this quick-witted comedy, ETonline hit the Faking It set to chat with the ridiculously talented (and gorgeous!) cast about all the mind-blowing drama that's coming up this season.

WATCH: Learn How to Take a Sexy Selfie From 'Faking It'!

Plus, we are beyond thrilled that the powers-that-be at MTV are allowing the actors of Faking It to tackle an intersex story-line. That's right, there's a huge twist coming for one of our five fantastic stars, and we can't wait to see how it plays out!

Check out our exclusive interview above to find out which Hester High hottie was born intersex, and all the reasons you why you absolutely need to tune into Faking It this season. (Spoiler Alert: There are going to be A LOTof shirtless scenes…)

Don't miss the season premiere of Faking It tonight at 10:30 p.m. on MTV!

What you most looking forward to seeing this season on Faking It? Tell us all your secrets in the comments below!

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