Scott Bakula Explains Why 'NCIS: New Orleans' Is Not Just Another Crime Drama


Get ready for big crimes in the Big Easy!

The newest member of the hit NCIS family, NCIS: New Orleans, premieres tonight and we've got your inside look at all the delightfully dark drama that is headed your way. Series star Scott Bakula stopped by the ET set today, and not only did he bring authentic NOLA beignets and coffee, he also brought a sneak peek of tonight's highly anticipated premiere!

"I'm nervous but I'm excited that people are going to get to finally see the show," Bakula spilled to our ET hosts.

WATCH: How 'NCIS: New Orleans' Sets Itself Apart

If you thought that NCIS: New Orleans was just going to be another crime procedural, you are definitely in for a southern surprise! The shows, which will feature a perfect blend of New Orleans' rich history with today's most advanced crime-solving technology, will also take the time to highlight the personal lives of the characters.

For example, Bakula teased that tonight's premiere will be an emotional one for his character, Special Agent pride. "[Tonight's episode] is a very kind of personal story for my character," Bakula explained. "[There's] this young man that I've mentored, and we find part of his body in a shrimp [net]." Yikes!

Take a look at our video above to catch a sneak peek of tonight's premiere of NCIS: New Orleans and then catch the show every Tuesday at 9 p.m. on CBS.