'Big Brother' Season 16 Names A Winner In Dramatic Finale


After the longest season in the show's history, Big Brother Season 16 has come to an end, and a new winner has been selected from the houseguests.

At 97 days and 40 episodes, Season 16 was a long, mostly surprise-free journey towards a destination most people seemed to know was inevitable. And, after a lengthy finale, we got the outcome pretty much every had the safe money on.

The final three came down to Cody, Derrick, and Victoria. In the first part of the night's Head Of Household competition, the three contestants had to try and hang on to hang gliders for as long as possible. Victoria was out first, leaving it up to Cody and Derrick.

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After a few vain attempts to get Cody to drop, eventually Derrick didn't hang on any longer and dropped, giving the first win of the night to Cody.

This left Victoria to face off against Derrick in the night's second challenge, where the two had to climb a wall with all the houseguests' faces on it, and had to place them in order of nomination over the course of the season.

Derrick made it happen in just over 15 minutes. Victoria took over twice as long .

Teaming up, Derrick and Cody immediately sent Victoria to the jury – made up of all the houseguests (except for those who are voted out in the first five weeks) who had been evicted during the course of the season. Then, it was time for them to deliberate.

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A lot of bad blood had been stirred up over the season, with a number of contestants on the jury carrying a lot of bitterness against Cody and Derrick, who had formed a season-long alliance in the second week.

But when it came down to it, the choice was clear, and Derrick was named the winner of Big Brother Season 16, with Derrick getting 7 votes and Cody only receiving 2. Derrick wins the $500,000 grand prize, while runner-up Cody secured$50,000 for second place.

Additionally, it was announced that Donny had won the title of America's Favorite Houseguest, winning the $25,000 that comes with the award.

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