'Breaking Amish' Cast Thinks Hasidic Jews Are Amish


On tonight's episode of Breaking Amish, the new cast of young Amish people arrive in Brooklyn -- and when they see men walking around with beards and long coats -- they think they're right at home in Amish Country!

Bates and Matthias are riding in a cab, when one notices Hasidic Jewish men walking by, exclaiming, "Whoa, are those Amish dudes?"

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Bates observes, "There's even Amish people walking around with side curls down to here (gestures). I didn't know what to think about them."

Then, the girls pull up to their new home in Brooklyn, and it's not the swanky New York pad they were expecting. Watch the video for more and tune in to Breaking Amish tonight at 10/9c on TLC for all the fish-out-of-water shocks and surprises.