'Scandal' Secrets: Kerry Washington Hates Kissing Her Co-Stars!


So many scandalous secrets were revealed on Ellen!

The cast of the smash ABC series Scandal stopped by The Ellen Show on Wednesday to play a game and the result was absolutely amazing! Ellen DeGeneres asked each of the Scandal stars to disclose a secret that their fellow cast members would not know about them, and trust us when we tell you that you'll never look at one of your favorite OPA Gladiators the same way again!

So which Scandal star sleeps with a stuffed animal? Who almost burnt their house down? And who was once arrested three times in the same day?! Check out the hilarious videos below. Plus, watch Ellen's adorable reaction when the cast surprises her with a secret star!

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Star Kerry Washington and her two leading men, Tony Goldwyn and Scott Foley, also sat down with Ellen to discuss those super-steamy sex scenes that Scandal is known for. And guess what? Kerry dropped a bombshell when she revealed that she does not like kissing her handsome co-stars!

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"It's just awkward," she confessed. "But it's been awkward from the beginning. It's always awkward, it doesn't stop being awkward." Of course Ellen then pressed Kerry to reveal who she enjoys kissing more, but her answer was not what we were expecting: "I don’t enjoy [kissing] either one," Kerry spilled. Not to beat a dead horse but, awkwaaaaard.

Watch the full interview with Ellen in the video below and don’t forget to tune into the season four premiere of Scandal tonight at 9 p.m. on ABC!

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