Lies, Spies & Secrets: A Look Inside 'The Blacklist'


The Blacklist
is one of the hottest shows on TV, with millions of viewers tuning in to revel in the excitement, action and deep, brooding mystery.

ET Canada
caught up with the cast of The Blacklist to talk about their hotly-anticipated second season, and to delve into the deepening maze of the show's twisted plot.

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star Megan Boone, who plays FBI Agent Elizabeth Keen, sat down with ET Canada correspondent Roz Weston to share what she could about the upcoming season.

Do you have something, some piece of knowledge about what has gone on that you guys have shot that would, if you were to say it right now, would blow everybody's mind?" Weston asked.

Boone's simple answer? "Oh yeah." Accompanied by a knowing smile. So prepare to have your minds blown before the end second season.

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Boone also shared her experiences working with her Blacklist co-star James Spader.

"[He has] an intense intelligence, but he also has intense kindness," said Boone. "He's a real gift to me in my life."

Check out ET Canada's full story on The Blacklist's explosive second season.

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