Ryan Hansen Reveals Why All 'Veronica Mars' Fans Should Be Watching 'Play It Again Dick'

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If you haven't been watching Play it Again, Dick, the Veronica Mars spin-off web series, then we just have one question for you: What the heck are you doing with your life?!

Not only are you able to curb your Veronica Mars cravings with a weekly dose of marshmallow goodness, but the spin-off shines the spotlight on one of the most hilarious Neptune High characters of all time: Dick Casablancas (Ryan Hansen).

Hansen plays an eccentrically zany version of himself who is filming a documentary about the making of the pilot of a Veronica Mars spin-off starring Dick as a P.I. And if all of that sounds confusing, don’t worry, Hansen totally agrees with you.

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"It's very hard to explain but I think when you see it, you obviously get it a lot more," Hansen spilled to ETonline. "But the fans get it really quick and they seem to love it. I'm really happy that everyone let our Veronica Mars world to turn into this weird comedy for a moment on the Internet."

In the first three webisodes, which are released every Tuesday on the CW Seed, fans have already been treated to a shirtless Jason Dohring, a pants-free Chris Lowell, and a conspiracy crazed Enrico Colantoni. So what's next? Dancing Dick, of course!

"The finale is so great and there's obviously going to be some dance stuff," Hansen teased. "Everyone [from the cast] came in for one day and each time someone wrapped, we would shoot me dancing with each cast member. So I've danced with every single person that will appear and so I'm really looking forward to seeing that." (Fun-Fact: Hansen even danced with CW's bigwigs Mark Pedowitz and Thom Sherman.)

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Hansen, who considers it an "honor" to still be a part of the Veronica Mars world, promised fans that if you already love the webisodes we've seen so far, it's only going to get better from here.

"If you're a fan of [the original series] you will absolutely love seeing these characters play characters of themselves, and then be characters in this pilot," the actor explained. "It's just absolutely ridiculous and just so fun, so watch it or die! Whoa. Well actually, that was really extreme, but you'll really enjoy it if you do."

As for the potential of another Veronica Mars movie? The actor spilled that he is crossing his fingers and toes for a sequel. "Yes, I 100 percent think that could happen, with an emphasis on think," he said. "Any chance to play Dick again, I'm all on board."

Fans can catch all new webisodes of Play It Again, Dick every Tuesday right here on the CW Seed.

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