'Stalker' Review: Kevin Williamson 'Enjoys Scaring People' And He Succeeds


Every TV fan knows that Fall is the most overwhelming season of the year. Why? One very simple reason: Too many shows and too little time. So we at ETonline are reviewing each and every one of the new fall TV shows to bring you our reviews on the good, the bad, the adorable and the just plain horrible.


When It Airs:
Wednesdaysat 10 p.m. on CBS

The Biggest Stars:
From Kevin Williamson, the twisted mind behind the Scream franchise and The Following,the new CBS drama Stalkerstars Nikita's ultimate badass Maggie Q as Lieutenant Beth Davis, and American Horror Story alum Dylan McDermott as Detective Jack Larsen.

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Here's What You Need to Know: 
True to its title, Stalker follows cops who investigate dark and dangerous cases involving stalkers. The show points to social media as the number one reason stalking cases have tripled in the last decade and the pilot highlights the fact that currently over 6 million people are stalked. Though the show will feature a crime-of-the-week element, the larger story will follow Lt. Beth Davis (Maggie Q), the head of the Threat Assessment Unit, and her new subordinate, Det. Jack Larson (Dylan McDermott), who's recently transferred to the department from NYPD homicide.

We're going to be completely up front with all you TV lovers out there: We seem to be one of the few TV critics who actually enjoyed watching this heart-pounding, albeit disturbing, drama. Williamson's pilot has been called "exploitative," glorified "violence porn" and "the worst show of the Fall TV Season." Some even called Stalker a "how-to manual," but we’re not convinced anyone would first look to a TV show if that evilly motivated. And with that reasoning, one could argue that Pretty Little Liars is a how-to for bullying and Breaking Bad is merely a recipe for making meth. At the Television Critics Association earlier this summer, Williamson said there’s one good lesson to take from the show for our fellow social media-obsessed women out there: "Post where you've been, not where you're going," he cautioned.

"I enjoy scaring people," Williamson said, and this could not be more apparent in Stalker. As a female, this show will absolutely horrify you as you wonder what you would do if placed in the same situation. Stalker will make you look over your shoulder more than once, no matter your gender, and although the suspense of the series will scare viewers half to death, that's part of the thrill. Those who are fans of the horror genre will enjoy the fact that you can get the hair-raising chills of a big screen thriller in a weekly dose from your living room couch.

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If You Like…
Sitting through adrenaline-pumping horror flicks, and the bone-chilling storylines of American Horror Story, then you might be brave enough to watch (and enjoy!) Stalker.

Our Review in GIF Form:

Bottom Line: 
Stalker is not for the faint of heart and it is most definitely not a show for everyone. It's true that Kevin Williamson has created a violent and terrifyingly chilling drama; however if you're a fan of the horror genre and are looking for a twist on the classic procedural, then give Stalker a try. Just remember one very important thing: Lock the doors and don't watch it with the lights off.

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