Mom Injures Daughter in 'Survivor' Face-off


This season of CBS' Survivoronce again pits family members against each other in the show's Blood vs. Water twist, and in our exclusive sneak peek at tonight's episode, one mom takes it a little too far.

In this week's show, mom and daughter Missy, 47, and Baylor, 20, face off in a challenge that involves attempt to push each other off a platform into the ocean. When host Jeff Probst comments that it must be hard for Missy to participate in such a harsh showdown with her kid, she replies, "Pretty tough but all I gotta do is put a different face on her, and I'm gonna kill her."

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Baylor's voice wavers as she replies, "She better not break my nose!"

But when the showdown commences, it looks like Baylor's prediction may have actually come true, as she doubles over in pain after taking a hit from mom. Watch the video for more, and tune in to tonight's Survivor on CBS at 8/7c for all the family face-offs!