Olivia Pope's 'Scandal' Men Pose Shirtless with Pups


How can Kerry Washington hate kissing her Scandal co-stars when they look this good?!

In what appears to be a shirtless showdown, Tony Goldwyn posed sans shirt with an adorable puppy, just like his co-star Scott Foley did for Charisma's Fall/Winter campaign. Foley was thrilled to share the Instagram photo of the on-screen President of the United States, writing: "Thanks @TonyGoldwyn for making sure I'm not the only shirtless guy holding a dog. IOU!"

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The love triangle between Foley and Goldwyn's characters and Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) continues in season 4 of ABC's Scandal. In the season premiere, Olivia and Jake Ballard (Foley) return to Washington D.C. to plan Harrison's funeral after shacking up on a private island under aliases. But when Olivia first lays eyes on President Fitzgerald Grant (Goldwyn), any Gladiator can tell that their romance isn't over.

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is so popular that Washington has even helped create an Olivia Pope-inspired clothing line. Check out the looks, below: