Meet the Most Adorable Couple in Professional Sports


If you don't already know Samantha Ponder -- wife of Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder -- you soon will.

Samantha is a host and reporter for ESPN's College GameDay who married the NFL star just months after meeting him. The couple are now parents to an adorable 3-month-old baby girl named Bowden Sainte-Claire Ponder, and have been named one of the coolest couples in the NFL by Vogue.

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"We are not cool at all," Samantha argued. "We are probably the most lame couple ever. I don't know what we did to fool them but we must have done a good job."

As both of their jobs call for lots of traveling, their ways barely cross paths during football season.

Samantha's itinerary for any given week is intense. "We fly out Wednesday morning to wherever our Thursday night game is for ESPN and meetings with coaches and players all day Wednesday," she told ET. "Thursday we have production meetings and then the game Thursday night, which usually ends at midnight. And then I usually have a 5 or 6am flight that next morning to come to the College GameDay site to do college football live on Friday and then College GameDay Saturday morning bright and early."

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If their marriage is unorthodox, their courtship may have set the precedent. The couple first engaged over Twitter and then met at the College GameDay site in Dallas. The couple said "I do" three months later in a courthouse ceremony.

"We were wearing jeans and t-shirts, and we just decided to drive to the courthouse and get married," said Samantha. "We went to Arby's and had lunch--that's always been like one of my favorite places -- so we decided to celebrate our holy matrimony with some roast beef. I don't know who does that, but apparently us."

The couple later had a bigger wedding for family. Watch the video to hear how much Samantha spent on her wedding gown. Hint: it's a lot less than you think.