SNL's Fake 'Fault In Our Stars 2' Trailer (Successfully) Makes Fun Of Ebola


Let's start off by recognizing that it's really hard to make Ebola funny.

That being said, Saturday Night Live managed to pull off the nearly impossible feat with one of their hilarious fake trailers, this time for The Fault In Our Stars 2: The Ebola In Our Everything.

Host Sarah Silverman
plays Olive (basically Shailene Woodley's character from the original film) and cast member Taran Killam plays Theodore (essentially Ansel Elgort). They spark up a relationship when they meet at a hospital, with Theodore thinking Olive has cancer.

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When he finds out she has Ebola, Theodore's feelings change pretty quick, but Olive still wants to make out.

It's almost uncomfortable, what with Ebola being a terrifying death-virus and all, but it still ends up being one of the funniest fake trailers SNL has produced, and the funniest sketch of the 40th season (it's only been two episodes, but it's been shaky none the less, and Don Pardo's booming voice has been missed.)

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