EXCLUSIVE! Ryan Murphy Spills on Scariest 'Horror Story' Yet, 'Glee's 'Uplifting' Ending and More!


Could Lea Michele be crossing over to 'American Horror Story"? Find out what Ryan Murphy spilled to ETonline!

"It's our scariest year."

Bust out those nightlights and try not to wet the bed because the next chapter of American Horror Story premieres tonight on FX, and creator and executive producer Ryan Murphy exclusively spilled to ETonline that it will terrify you more than any other season.

Freak Show, the fourth installment of the smash anthology series, is set in the small town of Jupiter, Florida, in the 1950s. It follows Elsa Mars (Jessica Lange. who has already won two Emmys for AHS) and her band of misfit monsters as they struggle to make their show a success in the dying world of the American carny experience.

ETonline faced our fears and caught up with Murphy at the AHS: Freak Show premiere this weekend, and he promised that fans will be treated to a frightening yet multi-layered tale. "Even though it's scary as hell, I think it's an oddly uplifting story of survival," Murphy said of his Emmy-nominated series.

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Many fans are desperately frightened of this freaky new season—but for an entirely different reason! Jessica Lange, America Horror Story's un-paralleled matriarch, announced that the fourth season is to be her last. But don't start panicking just yet! Murphy has a plan to ensure that his leading lady does not retire from the horror spotlight.

The EP claims that he is doing "everything" he can to re-up Lange for another season. "Every day I send gift baskets, money, cards," Murphy joked. "I have a great character I want her to play and we're talking… She hasn't said yes and she hasn't said no, but I'm not going to let this one go -- so fingers crossed."

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And speaking of crossed fingers, many fans are hoping that Murphy's other leading lady, Glee's Lea Michele, will appear on American Horror Story after the musical comedy's final season bows out in 2015. "We'll talk about it," Murphy teased. "I love her and she always has a place in my heart… so we'll see what she says." Although we adore Rachel Berry, we think Michele would shine in the dark Horror Story world.

Murphy's other small screen baby, Glee is set to air its sixth and final season next year, and the showrunner promised ETonline that audiences will be extremely satisfied with the last leg of the journey. "We've really listened to what the fans want," he said. "Everything that I've been reading from the last four years about what the fans want from Glee is what they're going to get."

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So what can fans expect from these final few episodes? "It's a very optimistic, uplifting story," Murphy said. "Not just about our characters, but about the future of arts and education in our country, which is why I wanted to do that show [in the first place]." Murphy said. "It has a really happy bow on everything and I'm happy about that."

The creator famously revealed that originally Glee's very last scene of the series would feature a heart-warming moment between Michele's Rachel Berry and the late Cory Monteith's character Finn Hudson. After much soul-searching, Murphy believes he has found a worthy substitution for the final scene.

"It used to end with Cory and Lea and it was a much more micro relationship ending," he told ETonline. "But I think we've taken the heart of what we were going to do and expanded it so it feels more macro and universal and I'm happy with that."

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Check out our full interview with Murphy above to get your fix on both American Horror Story and Glee in the video above!

American Horror Story: Freak Show premieres Wednesday, Oct. 8 at 10 p.m.

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