'Cristela' Review: Cristela Alonzo Is Wonderful (The Show, Not So Much)


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When It Airs:
Fridays at 8:30 on ABC.

The Biggest Stars: 
The cast features Comedian Gabriel Iglesias, veteran actress Terri Hoyos and Maria Canals-Barrera. (You know Maria best as the mom from Disney Channels' Wizards of Waverly Place.) Taking the lead of this ABC comedy is writer-turned-newbie-actress Cristela Alonzo.

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Here's What You Need to Know:
Cristela follows the life of (you guessed it!) Cristela, a 35-year-old woman as she struggles to get through law school (she's been trying for six years so far) so she can get a good job and finally move out of her sister and brother-in-law's home. This series has all of the go-to sitcom characters: A wacky and obnoxious neighbor/friend who never seems to leave the protagonist alone. A dumb-blonde the audience is supposed to insta-hate because she gets whatever she wants from her rich daddy. And a misogynistic man-of-the-house, who would rather fantasize about his hot wife in a cheerleader outfit than empathize with her dream-chasing sister.

But the only thing that really works in Cristela is… Cristela. Much like the actress herself, the character oozes charm and radiates charisma -- but is not enough to make up for the bottled laughter and regurgitated sitcom clichés. Cristela aims to break Latino stereotypes; however, the series only seems to perpetuate them further with their inside-jokes and poke-fun-at-ourselves tactics.

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If You Like…
The traditional laugh-filled, multi-cam sitcom style, enjoy George Lopez-eqsue humor, and you're already going to be home on a Friday night, then go ahead and give Cristela a chance.

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Bottom Line:
Cristela has the potential to improve with time, but the first episode leaves much to be desired. As a single-camera comedy, this show could have a serious shot at actually being funny, but the tired multi-cam formula and over-the-top supporting characters stifle Cristela's shining star.

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