7 Amazing 'SNL' Fake Movie Trailers You Need To Watch Right Now!


This weekend's Saturday Night Live had host and SNL alum Bill Hader and the cast mocking those wildly popular Young Adult movies (i.e. The Hunger Games, Divergent) in a soon-to-be classic parody trailer.

Like all sci-fi Y.A. worlds, in The Group Hopper, Pete Davidson plays a young man thrust into a world that is impossible to understand. Pete's only chance at surviving is to learn which social class he belongs to.

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Like most Y.A. heroes, he's not going to let his fate be decided by some overreaching dictator like that of Bill Hader's character, who is donning makeup like that of The Hunger Games' Effie Trinket.

Is The Group Hopper the best parody trailer of all time? Here's seven more SNL trailers that could have it beat. 

1. The Fault In Our Stars 2: The Ebola In Our Everything -- Just last week,SNL host Sarah Silverman and Taran Killam (along with a Kennan Thompson cameo) not only managed to make Ebola sorta funny, but they also created a great Young Adult Romantic Drama parody.

2. Me-- 
Lampooning Spike Jonze's Her, Me tells the real modern story of the person everyone truly loves: Themselves. Jonah Hill does a killer Theodore Twombly impression, and there's a surprise cameo that doesn't disappoint.

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3. The Beygency-- Everybody loves Beyonce. No, seriously, everybody has to love Beyonce ...or else. That's the premise for this incredibly funny and well-made parody starring Andrew Garfield and the hilarious SNL cast member Taran Killam.

4. The Midnight Coterie Of Sinister Intruders-- What if director Wes Anderson made a slasher flick?! In this parody, we get to see something that we can all agree will never happen, but totally should because it would be wonderful (albeit confusing and probably not very scary). This sketch also gives us a chance to see Edward Norton pull off a great Owen Wilson impression.

5. Djesus Uncrossed-- Christoph Waltz was in Django Unchained, and he was amazing. It should come as no surprise that he's also amazing playing Jesus in this (fake) Tarantino adaptation of the crucifixion. The historical accuracy is of no concern for Tarantino, so Jesus gets revenge with a pump shotgun and a whole lot of gory death scenes. 

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5. Don' You Go Rounin' Roun To Re Ro-- Mocking the impossible-to-understand cockney accents in almost every British gangster film, Bill Hader plays a former gangster who wants to leave his life of crime in the past, but is dragged down into the shady underworld when he… actually, it's impossible to tell why because you cannot understand a single thing anyone is saying. This is quite possibly not only the funniest fake trailer SNL has ever made.

Season 40 of SNL started three weeks ago with the charming and lovable Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt as the host. Check out the video below for a behind-the-scenes look at Chris Pratt's time on the beloved sketch show.

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