Jessie J Guest Judges This Week's 'DWTS' Switch Up Challenge


It was Switch Up week on Dancing With The Stars, and the teams that had been getting to know each other over the last month were torn apart for the week, and everything was thrown up in the air.

Tensions ran high between the pros and the stars, each hoping their former partner did well, but not so well that it would throw their compatibility in to question. The entire episode was an examination of competitive psychology.

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And, to shake things up even more, this was a no-elimination week, meaning this week's judge and audience scores would be combined with last week's, evening out the natural disadvantage of suddenly switching partners.

But the show was filled with some wonderful and wonderfully bizarre moments. Here are the best, the worst, and the weirdest parts of this week's Dancing With The Stars.


Jessie J Performs An Entire Concert

The show started off with award-winning pop singer and the night's guest judge Jessie J rocking the crowd with a "Bang Bang"/"Burnin' Up" medley that set the exciting tone for switch up night.

Bethany And Mark Totally Kill It (And Also Kiss)

Despite never having danced hip hop style, Bethany put it all out on the line in a bright red jacket and shiny black pants and totally dominated with her temporary partner Mark Ballas. At one point in the number, they actually kiss, something Bethany's regular pro partner Derek wasn't exactly excited about.

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Janel and Artem's Secret Jealousy Plan

Janel and Artem were paired together, and they decided to make Lea Thompson (Artem's regular partner) and Val Chmerkovskiy (Janel's regular partner) super jealous. And with their ridiculously sexy burlesque number, in which they all but had wild sex on stage, they seemed to get their wish.

Sadie Robertson & Derek Hough

The Duck Dynasty star and her pro partner did a Great Gatsby-themed flappers style number that was, to put it simply (and redundantly), great.

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Jonathan Bennett Almost Killing Peeta Murgatroyd

Whoever thought it was a good idea to give Jonathan a jitterbug is either sadistically cruel or didn't see his dance last week when he lumbered around like a drunken Frankenstein monster. That being said, the dance actually started out okay! And the '50s theme worked well, because Bennett looks like he's from Kansas in 1953. The problem came when he tried to flip Peeta over his back and dropped her, then tried to lift her up, between his legs, by her throat. As all the judges said, the whole performance just made everybody nervous.

Michael Waltrip

Well… he tried. But even a glue-on porn 'stache couldn't save the fact that he didn't really do any actually dancing. He wants to keep going, and he wants to be entertaining, but he just can't cut it with the rest of the cast.


Cheryl Burke Might Be Insane

This week, Cheryl Burke got paired with Alfonso, and the pressure was on to at least match his perfect score from last week. But the pre-recorded look at their training sessions revealed that Cheryl has a filthy mind, no filter on what she says, and is generally kind of kooky in ways you wouldn't really expect.

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Jessie J Constantly Reminding People She's Never Seen The Show

Every single time she gave contestants feedback, she started with, "I've never seen you before." She even asked Michael Waltrip if his clearly fake porn star facial hair was real. Her determined insistence to assure us that she wasn't a DWTS fan was really funny.


Sadie Robertson & Derrek Hough - 36

Alfonso Ribeiro & Cheryl Burke – 34
Lea Thompson & Val Chmerkovskiy – 34
Janel Parrish & Artem Chigvintsev - 33
Bethany Mota & Mark Ballas – 32

Antonio Sabato Jr. & Allison Holker – 28
Jonathan Bennett & Peeta Murgatroyd – 24
Tommy Chong & Emma Slater - 23
Michael Waltrip & Whitney Carson – 20

Next week Pitbull is the show's special musical guest and judge, and the stars return to their original partners, but at least one couple will be headed home. 

Who knows if anything on the rest of the season will be as amazing as when Alfonso busted out the 'Carlton' on last week's episode.

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