How to Get Paid to Binge Watch TV Shows


Did you know you can get paid to binge watch TV shows?!

Did you know you can get paid to binge watch TV shows?! We sat down with one of the real professionals that make a living in one of the most enviable jobs available.

"They always say, 'Find someone to pay you to do what you love to do,'" said Netflix film tagger, Greg Harty, who has done just that.

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In the U.K., the position of Netflix film tagger is advertised as the one that makes a user's Netflix queue personal.

"We'll track everything from where the movie takes place, how much action is in it, how much comedy, how much romance, how much gore, how much violence, how much sex, how much nudity," said Harty -- one of about 40 Netflix taggers -- when asked how they guess as to what users might like based on what they've viewed in the past.

While Harty's salary is being kept under wraps it's estimated to be several hundred dollars a week.

"I literally can't complain, because people won't listen to it," said Harty.

ETonline's Senior Editor Sophie Schillaci says that today more and more shows are marketing themselves towards binge watchers.

"Every drama out there wants a binge watching audience," Sophie said. "Especially after seeing the success of Breaking Bad. That's a perfect example of a show that had such a small audience starting out, and then it went to Netflix and people got totally addicted to it so by the final season we were all hooked."