'Real Housewife' Heather tells all


It might be the most talked-about "Real Housewives" scene ever and odds are, you’ve seen the clip many times. Accused of being "fake," New York housewife Aviva Drescher whips out "the only thing artificial about her," her prosthetic leg, and tosses it to the ground.

Housewife Heather Thomson joined ET to dish about that infamous moment and more.

"You know she was high-fiving us after that happened," Thomson confesses. "It was outrageous."

When asked if she thought Drescher attempted the stunt to earn more money on the reality show, Thomson answered frankly.

"I think in her head, she thought that would be TV history," she told ET. "It was just so outrageous how she did it."

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Rumors have been circulating that original New York housewife Bethenny Frankel might be planning a return to the series. Thomson told ET that she confronted Frankel about coming back to the show, but that the talk show host "was dodging the question."

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Finally, ET asked Thomson, who has worked as a designer for both Beyonce and J.Lo, who has the best booty in Hollywood.

"I rep the old school," Thomson replied. "Jennifer Lopez is a work of art."