'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' Canceled, Mama June Thanks Fans


;Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' will not be back for another season.

TLC confirms to ET that Here Comes Honey Boo Boo has come to an end after a report claimed June "Mama June" Shannon was in a relationship with a convicted sex offender.

"TLC has cancelled the series Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and ended all activities around the series, effective immediately," the cable network said in a statement. "Supporting the health and welfare of these remarkable children is our only priority. TLC is faithfully committed to the children's ongoing comfort and well-being."

NEWS: Mama June Reacts to Disturbing Allegations

On Thursday, TMZ alleged that Mama June is romantically involved with a man who was recently released from prison and is a registered sex offender in the state of Georgia. The website also claimed the man was convicted of molesting one of Shannon's own relatives, who was 8 years old at the time of the crime.

Mama June reacted to the report on her daughter Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson's Facebook page, saying, "It isn't true. I promise my kids r #1 priority over anything else and I would never put them in danger, period, over this or anything else. They r my life. This is my past. I left him 10 yrs ago for it and I wouldn't go back."

NEWS: Mama June Calls It Quits with Sugar Bear

Following news that the family's reality show would be canceled, Mama June released a video on Facebook to the show's fans. "This a truth video and answering some of y'all question over the last few months since we have had to stay quiet and hope this helps," the video caption reads.

The dimly lit footage, looking to have been shot by Mama June herself, has the reality star mom reiterating her comment from Thursday. "I have not seen that person in 10 years, and do not seem to want to see that person," she says. She also adds that her daughter Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon has also vouched for her that she is not dating the man.

Appearing to be reading a written statement at times, Mama June adds, "We just want to thank from the bottom of our hearts the support that we've had from our fans since May 2012. ...The experience has been awesome to us. The girls have been able to do things that they would not normally have had to do."

Despite no longer having a television show, the 35-year-old family matriarch insists that they will still have their annual Christmas display and encourages fans to come by and "meet the family."

"Things happen for a reason in life, and you live and learn," Mama June concludes, ending her video statement on a positive note. "We greatly, greatly, greatly appreciate everyone of y'all."