Which Superhero Should Felicity Choose? - 'Arrow's Emily Bett Rickards Answers!

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Is it Oliver, Barry or Ray? Emily Bett Rickards breaks down who is the best fit for 'Arrow's Felicity!

All hail Felicity Smoak!

Not only is Arrow's leading lady one of the most intelligent women featured on television today, her quirky yet endearing personality has made her one of the most relatable, and instantly likeable characters in The CW's history — a feat that is not easily achieved.

It's no wonder that three of the network's most attractive alpha males are vying for Felicity's affection, intelligence, and compassion. To get the scoop on what's next for Ms. Smoak's love-life, we chatted with Emily Bett Rickards about which superhero has the potential to steal her heart.

Read on for exclusive details on the future of Felicity's bruised relationship with Oliver (Stephen Amell), her fast-paced connection with Barry (Grant Gustin), and her intellectually stimulating interactions with Ray (Brandon Routh).

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This fall alone, Felicity's dating life has been a roller-coaster ride of emotions from an explosively emotional first date on Arrow, to the world's most adorably awkward double date on Tuesday's all-new episode of The Flash. Not to mention she now has a smokin' hot boss who pushes her button in ways fans have never seen before.

Rickards admitted that her onscreen alter ego is emotionally exhausted at the moment. "I think it's confusing for her because what she needs is someone to kind of step up to the plate and appreciate her on a deeper level — I don’t know how deep any of these guys are just yet," she said. "She's really great at multitasking so she probably needs someone who is really great at that as well. Good luck Felicity!"

Earlier this month Olicty fans (That's Oliver and Felicity, for those of you who are living under a rock) were both elated and devastated by the season three premiere. The crime-fighting couple finally came together — only the be ripped apart moments later.

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If you were crushed to see your favorite couple shattered, Rickards admitted you're not alone. "For the sake of story it kind of made sense, but for her it's sort of like, is she going to be vulnerable the next time it comes around? Is she going to want to do that?" the actress asked. "I'm not sure how she'll react when he's ready or she's ready again. It didn't really create a scar necessarily, but it did create a little bit of a bruise."

So which superhero is the right fit for Felicity? Rickards breaks it down: "I think that they all have a very different value, different depending on where she is and what she's going to need. They all accentuate different aspects of Felicity," she said.

First up, let's talk about Ray Palmer — the tall drink of handsome who comic book fans know will eventually embody the superhero persona of the Atom. "We all need someone to see our bad sides, we need someone to help us grow and I think Ray right now is more supportive than destructive," she explained. "I think that's noticeable — whether or not she's consciously picking up on it — I think that's noticeable."

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As for Barry Allen — aka the newly crowned fastest man alive? That smooch at the end of Tuesday's episode of The Flash certainly looked promising, but Rickards has some concerns. "I think right now she just needs support more than anything and would Barry be that?" she questioned.

"I think Barry has got too much that he's got to figure out, I mean he just became a superhero, and I think she'd just be helping him a lot and I think she's just looking for and equal," she said. "I think in a perfect world, Barry and her are very well-matched but I don’t think they'd last long."

And of course we couldn't end our conversation with Rickards without asking about Felicity's connection with Starling City's best hero. "I think Oliver is like the deep one," she confessed. "There's just so much love for him that she couldn’t imagine not talking to him for the rest of her life ever, and I think that's something to be said."

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It's clear that Felicity has three sensational suitors spread across The CW universe, but we have a fourth option we'd like the TV Gods to consider: Forget all of these fellas for the moment and give Felicty a best guy friend she can lean on. Our vote is for Roy Harper (Colton Haynes)!

"I agree!" Rickards exclaimed with a laugh. "Put me with Colton he's my best friend, I love that man so much." Long story short: we don’t care who our blonde brainiac ends up with — We just want Felicity Smoak on our screens as much as possible.

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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