Jake Gyllenhaal Gets Seriously Spooked by Ellen DeGeneres!


Never have we seen Jake Gyllenhaal look this scared!

Just days before Halloween, the Nightcrawler actor showed up at The Ellen DeGeneres Show and while chatting with the daytime talk show host, he got quite the fright. Ellen set up the prank by simply asking some basic questions about his film work. "I just want you to do a comedy at some point, because, Jarhead, Prisoners, which was fantastic -- every movie you're in is just so intense," DeGeneres, 56, said. "What is it about the dark movies that you do?"

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"I like those characters' cause they're kind of fun to play, but I also think there's an opportunity for…" the 33-year-old actor said, but as he started to finish his thought, a person dressed as a giant creepy doll popped out from behind him. Needless to say, there was screaming and some profanity from the actor.

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Gyllenhaal isn't the first actor that Ellen has scared with a doll. Watch Channing Tatum freak out when he's faced with his fear.