ET Behind-the-Scenes: The Stars of 'Chicago Fire' Sizzle in Sexy Photo Shoot!


It's the hottest show on TV — literally.

NBC's Chicago Fire dazzles fans each week with their high-stakes drama and heart-pounding relationships — but it's the show's hot male stars that really steam up our TV screens.

Only ET was behind-the-scenes at Taylor Kinney and Jesse Spencer's super-sexy TV Guide cover shoot, and we brought our cameras to give you an exclusive sneak peek at all the man candy.

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On the set of their shoot, the Chicago Fire stars revealed that although the sizzling characters they play are fake — the dangers of working on set are extremely real. "You have this false sense of security with all your gear, but in the back of your mind it's always, 'We're playing pretend but the fires can burn you,'" Kinney admitted to ET.

And you can bet the stars' famous girlfriends would definitely be upset if anything happened to their fire-fighting beaus!

Kinney has been dating Lady Gaga for the past three years after meeting her on the set of her music video for the smash hit, "You and I." Spencer, on the other hand, is linked to pro surfer Maya Gabeira. The former House star has been dating the Brazilian beauty for the past two years.

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So how do the stars cool off during their long days on set? By playing pranks on each other, of course! Spencer revealed that the very first time he had to use the fire hose, hilarity ensued.

To find out what kind of man-child mischief went down on the Chicago Fire set, check out our exclusive behind-the-scenes interview above.

Chicago Fire airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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