'Sons of Anarchy' Shocker: Can You Believe [Spoiler] Was Killed?! Get the Scoop


SPOILER ALERT: If you have not watched the Tuesday, Nov. 4, episode of
Sons of Anarchy, "What a Piece of Work Is Man," stop here to avoid spoilers.

Another one bites the dust.

Sons of Anarchy bid farewell to one of its longtime fan-favorite characters on Tuesday's episode, with yet another brutal and tragic murder.

After being held captive, and losing an eyeball and some fingers to Marks' crew of tormenters, Bobby ultimately lost his life in a dramatic trade-off gone wrong. In an effort to scare the late pastor's son into silence, Marks shot Bobby clean in the head – without warning – just as you thought he was being returned to safety. Kurt Sutter, you get us every time!

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ETonline spoke with actor Mark Boone Jr. following his dramatic sendoff to find out how he felt about Bobby's fate, what he's stealing from the Sons set and whose death hit him the hardest.


ET: When did you find out about Bobby's fate, and did you suspect it was coming?

Mark Boone Jr.: No, there was no suspicion. I found out -- oh God, it was a long time ago now -- two months ago, at least.

Were you surprised?

No. Because what Bobby's death does is signal the end of a certain era. It just felt like something big had to happen.

Did you ever think about the way Bobby might go out?

I've been asked that a lot over the years -- how would he go? In this series, I don't think that you could ever guess how we were gonna go. It's kind of in the nature of television that you don't -- as an actor, you don't get to do that. It's just, "Here comes the next script." And on this show, the turnover [between filming and airing the completed episode] is very short.

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Are you satisfied with the way his story ended?

It ripped me apart to die. It's not cool to die anytime. I've died many times on screen, but this one was big.


Seven years of my life is invested in this show, and that in itself is just huge. I invested seven years of blood and sweat, literally. I was shocked. Just the effort that went into making this show was gargantuan. It ripped apart my personal life, it just challenged all the edges of my consciousness just being around it, but there were so many good times.

Did you get to keep anything from the set?

When they asked me [what I wanted to take], I said I wanted to take Charlie [Hunnam] home. But I don’t think that's gonna happen. At least I still get to be Charlie's friend. But seriously, I hope I'm gonna get to keep Bobby's wardrobe, considering I picked it all out. I was very involved. We get our cuts [vest with club colors], which is now splattered in blood.

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Would you wear Bobby's clothes while running errands?

Well, not the cut, but I'm very comfortable in the other clothes. I literally never wore anything but the pants that I died in every day of that entire series. I refused to let them wash them for seasons and seasons, and then they would do it on the sly and I'd get really mad at them. The pants have been washed, but I'm very unhappy with that.

Did you walk off with the pants or are they still in wardrobe?

They're on set, but I’m gonna be getting those. There is no way that I’m not getting those. Hey FX, there's no way I'm not getting those pants! They'll just sell 'em. Not that my children would want them, but still. And the boots. Every bit of jewelry I wore on that show is mine, so I have that.

How much do you know about storylines past your final episode?

Oh, girl.

Come on. What secrets can you tell me?

Of course none! And you wouldn't want to know! Everybody asks, but they don't want to know.

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Can anyone come out of the finale alive?

Of course. Anything can happen, as Bobby's death proves. No one figured Bobby would go.

The scene where Gemma is crying over Bobby's body – how hard was that to film?

It was just a matter of not breathing, which is always difficult when you're lying on your back.

Did you feel Gemma's emotions? Was that hard for you?

It ripped me apart.

What has been the toughest scene for you to film over the years?

Probably the most emotional, wrenching scene was between Bobby and Jax when we're discussing why we can't – why Jax can’t -- kill Clay. I think it's in the fourth season. There wasn't a dry eye in the house that day.

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Of the show's previously killed-off characters, who were you most bummed to see go?

The only real regulars that have been killed are Tara, Clay and Opie. Everybody else was guest stars or recurring characters. Personally, I was very close to Ryan [Hurst, who played Opie] – still am. So that was a really difficult one. Obviously Maggie [Siff (Tara)], she's the most lovely person on Earth so it was just sad to see her go from the set. My feelings about Ron [Perlman] were mixed because that was a very difficult relationship for me. I personally thought that Clay should have been killed long before he was, and the character of Bobby was in a very sticky situation throughout that whole relationship.

What will you miss most about playing Bobby?

I was an athlete for many years. A serious, serious team athlete, [but] I was not into individual sports. I enjoy them, but as I was always interested in the dynamic of team. The dynamic that took place in that club was just so special.

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