'The McCarthys' Tyler Ritter Reveals Best Career Advice from Dad John


Tyler Ritter
is carrying on his family's name as part of The McCarthys on CBS. Tyler's turn as the golden child of a close-knit Boston family reminds us how much we loved his dad John.

"I don't consciously say [to myself], what would my dad do in this situation, or how would he look doing something,'" he told ET of carrying his father's comedy legacy. "I do think just naturally I bring some of his elements to the table, without even trying."

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It's been 11 years since John Ritter died suddenly from a torn aorta, but Tyler says he learned a lot from his dad watching star in TV series such as Three's Company and 8 Simple Rules.

"My dad would always say to me, 'Ask me how many times I've been late to work or an audition,'" he recalls. "I, of course, knew the answer every time because it never changed and I'd say, 'Ok dad, how many times have you been late?' and he would hold up a zero.

"That's what it's about: if you're not early, you're late," he says. "You have to put in the time. It looks like a lot of fun but you only get to have fun when you put in the work and you're prepared."

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Tyler, 29, is enjoying his time on The McCarthys and when ET visited the set of the CBS comedy we learned first-hand just how close the cast has become.

"Anytime you get the six of us together we're going to have a blast," Tyler told ET. "The chemistry has been there from day one."

How do the stars describe the McCarthy family?

"Irish, loud, opinionated," Jack McGee, who plays the family patriarch, says.

"Obnoxious and can sometimes stray from the politically correct," Ritter adds.

"Brassy," Kelen Coleman, the sole McCarthy daughter, says. "I think that we just love each other very much but we don't necessarily know how to deal with each other."

"There's lightness made about it," Jack explains. "The poking fun in an Irish family is part of the deal, especially when there's a lot of you. Everybody's looking for their slot."

Watch the full video to find out from co-star and New Kids on the Block member Joey McIntyre why being a former teen idol has helped his transition to television.

The McCarthys
airs Thursday nights on CBS.

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