Kaley Cuoco Reveals Hidden Talent in This 'ET' Flashback


Kaley Cuoco has proven herself a legitimate television actress, starring in two long-running sitcoms and earning a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame all before her 29th birthday. In celebration of her final year in her 20s, we're taking a look back at her illustrious career – with a hidden talent revealed along the way.

ET first met 14-year-old Kaley back in 2000, when she portrayed Maureen McCormick in the TV movie, Growing Up Brady.

Just two years later, she landed a major starring television role as Bridget Hennessy in the ABC sitcom 8 Simple Rules, playing the daughter of late-comedian John Ritter.

"He's just one of the funnest, funniest people," Kaley said of working with her TV dad. "It's really hard for me to get through scenes because of his expressions! He makes me laugh so hard. I just feel so lucky."

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Kaley also learned a special talent on set of the hit series when her co-stars taught her how to knit!


"Everyone on set knits, it's amazing!" said Kaley. "They're so good. I'm not good at all. I'm just starting, but it's really fun."


When 8 Simple Rules ended in 2005, Kaley nabbed a starring role on the final season of Charmed in an attempt to break out of a sitcom typecast.

"I didn't want to be Bridget for the rest of my life. I wanted to do something different. I didn't want to go right to another sitcom," Kaley told ET. "I do have to say that sitcom is my baby. I think that’s where I'll end up, hopefully someday."

Her wish came true in 2006 when she took on the role of Penny onThe Big Bang Theory. The close-knit cast was by her side when she received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in October 2014.

"It's just overwhelming and touching, and to be recognized for something that I love doing so much and that is just a part of who I am is extremely overwhelming, and I feel honored."

Check out this video to see a young Kaley Cuoco showing off her knitting skills.