'Pretty Little Liars' Boss Talks Mistletoe Mysteries, Sexy Christmas Boxers & More!

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It's finally here.

After months of mourning Mona's death, speculating on the true identity of 'A', and looking forward to all of the swoon-worthy moments, the Pretty Little Liars Christmas episode is just a few hours away!

Tonight ABC Family fans are being gifted with an early holiday treat, and only ETonline has the last-minute details that you need to know before tuning in. We chatted with PLL's executive producer (and keeper of all the secrets) Marlene King to get the exclusive scoop on tonight's most romantic moments.

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"Come feeling festive because we're going to give you a run for your money," King said of the ghostly fun Christmas adventure.

We all know that PLL is jam-packed with long-running mysteries, but there is one secret that fans are dying to discover immediately: Who will share that highly anticipated mistletoe kiss in tonight's episode?!

Unfortunately, despite our incessant prodding, King would not spill the details of which couple will be smooching underneath the Christmas shrub. (Sorry, guys. We even tried to bribe her with pretty little treats!)

While the identity of our mistletoe makeouters may be hush-hush, King promised the surprise will definitely make one ship smile for days. "It's just a really fun and special moment," she confessed.

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Not to worry, PLL fans — there's another sexy surprise waiting for you in Rosewood tonight. King revealed back in July that the Liars' significant others will be wearing nothing but Christmas boxers at one point in the hour. "A certain PLL wants her bed buddy to wear sexy Santa boxers for Christmas. She gets what she asked for x 4!" she tweeted.

King divulged that this scantily-dressed scene is a special present she's wrapped up for the fans. "When we first said we were going to do a Christmas special, I was bombarded with tweets for everybody wanting to see their favorite 'ships in boxers," she explained. "So I had to deliver on that promise."

But King warns that you had better be ready to freeze that frame because photos from this barely-there scene have been locked away in the PLL vault. "I think that's the screen-grab that will be the most tweeted and re-tweeted of any image on the show," King said with a laugh. "We've kept that scene under lock and key. I wanted to make sure nobody could leak those pictures out."

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When asked what she is most excited for fans to see in tonight's holiday special, King confessed that the dinner scene makes her laugh each and every time she watches it.

"To me whenever we get to see all of our characters together on screen in one scene is so special," she said. "We've only seen it in the 100th episode, so this is the second time we get to see them all together. The actors just have such a great time in this scene, and they love it when they all get to be together."

"It's so apparent on their faces and they're really, in so many ways, being themselves in addition to their characters in that scene," she continued. "It's just so fresh and fun, and if you don’t have smile on your face when you see it, then you need to go to the doctor."

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Bonus Scoop!
Let's talk about some couples, shall we?

This one's for you, Hanna and Caleb lovers: King confessed nothing but positivity for our favorite Rosewood troublemakers. "Haleb are adorable in the Christmas episode because we get to see them both dressed as elves and that's so much fun," she said. "And what he does for her is just adorable."

And what about Paige and Emily? "We find out a lot about their future in the Christmas episode so I don’t want to spoil that," she said. Well we don’t want to spoil it either, Paily fans, but we would definitely proceed with caution before tuning in to tonight's episode.

And if your favorite PLL twosome was not included in this mini scoop-spilling session — you're in luck! We will be holding yet another PLL Romance Check-Up on all five favorites (Yes, even you, Emison fans!) before season 5B premieres in January.

Pretty Little Liars'
Christmas special airs tonight at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

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