Watch the Stars of 'Criminal Minds' Help Fulfill This Boy's Dream


Sometimes a small gesture can make a huge difference.

Fifteen-year-old Manuel Sanchez-Paniagua has been battling liver and brain cancer for the past year. And when the cast and crew of Criminal Minds heard the CBS procedural was his favorite show, they jumped at the chance to meet him. ET was behind the scenes of Manuel's day on the set with stars Joe Mantegna and Shemar Moore.

"As we travel around the world some times as we do and to do publicity, we find out we do have an impact all over the world," Mantegna told ET. "It's great to find out in person that someone does."

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Manuel is a Mexico City native and was diagnosed with a liver tumor in January 2013 at just 13 years old. By September 2014 the cancer had spread to his brain. Despite his illness, he does not need any special assistance or care right now, he has a great appetite and is going to school every day with dreams of becoming an actor.

Not only did the show gift the teenager the opportunity to spend time with the actors on the set, but he also helped mark each scene for director Mantegna.

"Manuel is making my dream come true because I am directing this episode," the 67 year old said. "I am going to turn over the rest of this episode to him so he will be directing."

Watch the full video for more of Manuel's special day.

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