Flashback: Behind the Scenes of 'The Simpsons' First Season 25 Years Ago


Who would have thought that Tracy Ullman’s late '80s variety show would have been the launching pad for one of the most successful shows in television history?

It's been 25 years since The Simpsons first episode aired -- the Christmas special "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire." We're celebrating by taking a look back at pre-premiere interviews with key members of the creative team responsible for Springfield's first family.

Back in 1989, creator Matt Groening gave us insight into what viewers were in store for, “I think it's going to be a family that North America will readily identify with, it's a family that loves each other but also likes to strangle each other.”

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"She's kind of trying to hold the family together," said Julie Kavner, who voices Marge Simpson. "She has three children; She's got Bart and Lisa – who's a genius by the way, that comes out – and Maggie the little baby. So her hands are full… and then there's Homer, which makes her hands really full."

Speaking of everyone's favorite nuclear plant safety inspector, voice actor Dan Castellaneta (Homer) knew that his character represented a different kind of TV dad.

"He's a father that he tries to be the good All-American father but he's too inept, he's incompetent at it. But he means well, he's got a good heart, but he can't be like Robert Young or all those other fathers."

So order up some Krusty Burger and crack open a Duff (Buzz Cola if you're not of age) and watch the video to see some footage behind the scenes of a season-one voice recording session, and for some early predictions for the show!