'Survivor' Winner Natalie Reveals $1 Million Plans


A new Survivor has been crowned and ET got the scoop on Natalie Anderson's post-victory plans.

Host Jeff Probst revealed the winner of Survivor: San Juan del Suron Wednesday night at a special reunion taping in Los Angeles. Though it was a close call between Natalie and Jaclyn Schultz, Natalie ultimately came out victorious.

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"I've been envisioning this since we wrapped up," she told ET moments after the taping. "I don't think it's hit me yet."

After leaving the Nicaraguan locale months ago, Natalie revealed that her first post-show meal was a big bowl of ice cream with Nutella and peanut butter.
Now $1 million richer, Natalie admits she'll be spending the money on her family.

"I'm going to Vegas with my family," she said. "I guess we'll ball out a little bit while we're out there. [I'll] treat my parents to a vacation for once so they don't have to pay for me."

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As for Natalie's twin sister Nadiya, who appeared on Survivor with her but was voted off after the first episode, she'll get a cut of the money, too.

"What’s mine is Nadya's," Natalie said. "I don't know if it’s 50/50, but she's definitely getting a little check coming her way."

Before Survivor, the sisters previously teamed up for two seasons of The Amazing Race. Now, they're looking forward to some down time.

"For the last three years our lives have been a really crazy whirlwind," Natalie said. "Third time's a charm and [I'm] focusing on getting my life back on track and back together, and being low key together."

Survivor: Worlds Apart, the show's 30th season, kicks off with a 90-minute premiere episode on Feb. 25. Will you be watching?