Matthew McConaughey Is Fascinated by Sunroof In New Lincoln Ad


Matthew McConaughey is back behind the wheel of a Lincoln, only instead of talking philosophically to a bull, he's quietly waiting on the rain.

While his last commercial was highly spoofable -- just check out Jim Carrey and Ellen DeGeneres' sketches -- this ad only has The Lincoln Lawyer star delivering one line.

VIDEO: See Matthew McConaughey's First Lincoln Spot

The commercial for the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid opens with McConaughey, 45, nursing a cup of coffee at an empty cafe as he waits for the rain to let up. He then walks out to his car and shows a bit of excitement when he realizes he can now use his sunroof. "Here we go," he says.

While there are only three words uttered by the bearded actor in this commercial, People reports that other Lincoln ads will include similar prose and ponderings that got so much attention earlier this year. "It's not about huggin' trees. It's not about bein' wasteful, either. You just got to find that balance, for takin' care of yourself takes care of more than … just yourself," McConaughey says in one ad as he drives through Los Angeles' Griffith Park overlooking the city. "That's the sweet spot."

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Let the spoofing begin!

What do you think of McConaughey's car commercials? Check out Ellen's take on the first spot in the video below.