Watch 'Selma' Star David Oyelowo's Adorable Impersonation of Oprah

He hasn't known her for very long, but David Oyelowo has his Oprah impression down.

He hasn't known her for very long, but actor David Oyelowo already has his Oprah Winfrey impression down.

Joined by their Selma co-star Carmen Ejoga, Oprah and Oyelowo showed up to promote their Martin Luther King, Jr. biopic on Ellen Degeneres' Friday show. Ejoga and the 38-year-old actor -- who portray Coretta Scott and Martin Luther King Jr. in Selma -- coincidentally are both British-Nigerian, and upon talking about their accents, the conversation quickly led to impersonations from Oprah and Oyelowo.

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"She always makes me sound like Oliver Twist!" the Golden Globe nominee said of the Queen of Talk's impersonation of him.

Ellen then prompted Oyelowo to do his best "Oprah impression," of which he squealed, "Was that it?!"

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Not impressed, Oprah vowed, "Ok, that's it I'm not doing anymore of you."

These Selma stars have a big weekend ahead of them. The film is up for four Golden Globes on Sunday, including Best Motion Picture, Best Director (Ava DuVernay), Best Actor (Oyelowo) and Best Original Song (John Legend and Common's "Glory").