'The Mindy Project' Sneak Peek: Meet the Man Who Took Mindy's Virginity!


It's time to met the man who jump-started Mindy Lahiri's love life!

It's time to met the man who jump-started Mindy Lahiri's love life!

In tonight's all-new episode of The Mindy Project, fans will be introduced to yet another one of Mindy's past lovers, but this one is particularly special: He took Mindy's virginity.

Guardians of the Galaxy
's Lee Pace is guest starring in the episode, and only ETonline has your behind-the-scene look at his geek to chic transformation.

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"We're really excited because Lee Pace is coming to the show to play Xander," Mindy Kaling explains in our video above. "[He's] the ex of Mindy's who Mindy actually lost her virginity to, and she took his virginity as well."

So what kind of man had what it takes to seduce our zany heroine? Kaling revealed, "It’s a really funny episode because we take Lee Pace who is a handsome movie star and we make him into a huge loser with a ponytail who plays Kendo."

But wait — there's a twist! "Now a tech billionaire and they have one long night together," the star said. Uh-oh, Danny. There could be some competition coming your way…

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Take a look at our sneak peek video above to get your hilarious first look at Pace's awkward ponytail past.

The Mindy Project
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